Osceola Moms Review of Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service

August 20, 2018


Recently I received a promo code for Hello Fresh, a meal delivery service that delivers all the ingredients and instructions for meals you select from their website right to your front door.  The promo code included two free meals and shipping, I figured I had nothing to lose.


When I went to the site, I was required to set up an account and enter payment information but I was not charged anything. Next, I was guided through the steps to select the frequency and portion sizes I needed. I made those choices based on what was included for free with my promo code which was two meals for a family of four. Each week the menu options change. I was given several options to choose from and they all looked incredible. I ended up choosing the Cheddar Burgers (pictured above) as well as Pork Poblano Tacos (pictured below).  The burger package included the ground beef, cheese, potato rolls, condiments, and all the makings for a nice side salad. The taco package included pork, soft tacos, all the veggies to make a pico de gallo and sour cream. I submitted my order and received confirmation that my  Hello Fresh meals would be delivered on August 10th, 5 days from the day the order was placed. 

As promised, the UPS man showed up on August 10th with a gigantic box. I brought it in and anxiously unpacked the contents. I was pleasantly surprised to find ice packs keeping everything nice and cold. All the ingredients were separated and labeled according to which meal they went with. 


I made the burgers first. My family found the meat to be flavorful and minimal in fat. The potato rolls provided were fresh, although I wish they had been larger. The lettuce that came for the side salad was no longer in good shape by the time I went to prepare it but I will say that it was 2 days after the order arrived and it did look good upon receiving it. Overall, the burger meal was very good although the portions were not quite large enough.


Now, lets talk about these pork tacos because, man, were they amazing!! I was a little concerned that my kids would be apprehensive about these because they were a bit...fancier than what they are used to. Everyone loved them and that is no easy task because there are five children in this house and it is a glorious day when something is prepared they all like. Now, I did cook some additional ground beef and shredded chicken (not included) because they meal is designed for a family of four and we are a family of seven. Everyone gobbled up every last bite. They were amazing. 


So, would I order from Hello Fresh again? The short answer is yes. The food was good quality, fresh, and very tasty. But because our family is so large and the cost associated with the meal delivery service isn't exactly what I would consider inexpensive, this was probably my one and only experience with Hello Fresh. I certainly recommend giving them a try though if you come across a promo code like I did or the the benefit of the convenience justifies the cost for your family. 



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